Team Photos

This year we will be using Kangaroo photography and  team photos will be held during the week of Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July.

Majority of teams will have their photos done during training sessions. The two girls teams will have their teams photos taken on game night on Wednesday 29th July.

Included in your registration fees each player will receive a team photo presented to you at presentation night. Individual photos will also be taken and displayed on their website for families to purchase online if they choose. For every individual photo purchased the club will also receive a percentage back to the club for future purchasing of afl equipment.

Team Photos schedule:-

Monday 27th July – u11’s and u15’s teams from 4pm onwards – (can any of the u11’s teams arrive from 4pm that day please?)
Tuesday 28th July – u17’s and u13’s teams from 4pm onwards
Wednesday 29th July – u9’s, u10’s & Girls teams from 4pm onwards
Thursday 30th July – u12’s teams from 4.30pm onwards
Friday 31st July – Super 6’s and Super 8’s from 4pm onwards
Specific times to be confirmed for each team.

Please be advised if for some reason you can’t make it the day that your allocated team photo is on you can get your photo taken on one of the other allocated days and will then be added to be included on your team photo.

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