We understand from time to time there may be issues with your team, or there may be actions or processes that other members at the club are causing a concern for you.

We recommend, in all cases, in the first instance to speak with the person(s) responsible – that may be your coach or team manager if a team issue, with the Ground Marshall if a game-day issue, and so on.

The majority of cases, bringing up your concern with the person(s) responsible will help resolve the issue.

However if it doesn’t, we recommend you complete a Complaints report. This will be delivered to the committee who will deal with your concern as soon as possible.

In order to alleviate your concerns, there may be a requirement for you to meet with members of the committee, and the person(s) responsible for your concerns. The committee members will arrange this meeting as soon as possible.

To submit your complaint, please complete the form below.

Complaints Form

  • Please keep in mind this will help guide the Football committee on a course of action. There is no guarantee that the outcome specified here is the actual course of action.