Footy4Fun age groups U8 to U11

Auskick and Superstars

Auskick Coordinator – TBA.

Superstars Coordinator – TBA

Under 8s (expecting 8 teams)

David Sullivan
Tony Wilson

Under 9s

Aaron Kidney
Justin Kelly
Warrick Duck and Tony Wilson
Ben Glenane

Under 10s

Ben Tindall and Nick Harrison
Damien Lyon and Paul Snare
Julian Conlan and Todd Pulford

Under 11 Boys

Cal Jacobson
Greg Wilkinson and Brendan Dawson

Youth Boys age groups

Under 12 Boys

Division 1:
Head Coach: Jay Skinner
Assistant Coach: Pat Broderick

Division 2:
No Coaches appointed as yet

Under 14 Boys

Division 1:
Head Coach: Adrian Hill
Assistant Coach: Danny Del-re

Division 2/3:
Head Coach: Dean Gray
Assistant Coach: Brock Agnew

Under 16 Boys

Division 1:
Head Coach: Neil Lockett
Assistant Coach: Matthew Kennedy

Division 2:
Head Coach: Brendan Howard

Girls Football age groups

Under 9 Girls

Yet to be filled

Under 11 Girls

Todd Pulford and Korey Fulton
Brendan Cocks and Ben Nielsen

Under 13 Girls

Division 1 and Division 2
Jason Jeffrey
Phil Pearce

Under 15 Girls

Division 1:
Head Coach: James Dofter

Division 2:
Yet to be appointed

Under 17 Girls

Head Coach: Peter “Jonesy” Egan