Footy for Fun age groups

Auskick and Superstars

Auskick Coordinator – Joel Newman.

Superstars Coordinator – Damien Lyon

Under 8s

U8 Cats – Ben Tindall and Peter Hill
U8 Cheetahs – Adrian Hill and Marlon Pirie
U8 Panthers – Dave Dunning and Andrew Papotto
U8 Pumas – Warrick Duck and Tony Wilson
U8 Cougars – Justin Kelly and Ryan Mills
U8 Jaguars – Ben Glenane and Dan Maitland
U8 Leopards – Aaron Kidney and Adam Reeves

Under 9s

Blue: Todd Pulford and Justin Kennedy
White: Paolo Di Russo and Matt Stanley
Yellow: Greg Wilkinson and Brendan Dawson
Red: Damien Lyon and Peter Ierna

Under 10s

Blue: Andrew Schumacher and Julian Pikunic
White: Jay Skinner and Patrick Broderick
Red: Andrew Strudwick and James Evenden

Under 11 Boys

Blue: Dean Gray and Daniel Lane
White: Brock Agnew and Peter Clark

Youth Boys age groups

Under 12 Boys

Conference Team:
Head Coach: Callan Jacobson
Assistant Coach: Adrian Hill

Community Team (Broadbeach Blue):
Head Coach: Andy Mullineux
Assistant Coach: Rob Wilkinson

Under 14 Boys

Conference Team:
Head Coach: Travis Marsham
Assistant Coach: Matthew Kennedy

Blue Community Team:
Head Coach: Brendan Howard
Assistant Coach: Paul Herlihy

White Community Team:
Head Coach: Craig Eckersley
Assistant Coach: Steve Harrison

Under 16 Boys

Conference Team:
Head Coach: Craig Eckersley
Assistant Coach: Todd Pulford

Community Team (Broadbeach Blue):
Head Coach: Jason Lowe
Assistant Coach: Jason Jeffrey

Girls Football age groups

Under 11 Girls

Blue: Kelly Hardy
White: Andrew Covino, Scott Ballantyne

Under 13 Girls

Head Coach: Tom Grogan
Assitant Coach: Julian Pikunic

Under 15 Girls

Blue: Danny Del-Re and Peter Jones
White: Simon Foat and Andrew Huth

Under 17 Girls

Head Coach: Michael LaVerde
Assistant Coach: Kalista-Jayne Shiner