Blue Card Application or Renewal process

The Blue Card Renewal and application process is now complete online. In the past, applicants had to fill out a form, print it and bring along with a copy of ID to a club representative, who had to complete their portion and send the form off to the QLD Government.

Now – the process is completely online. The process is mostly the same for a brand new application, compared to a renewal.<.p>

To apply for, or renew, a blue card, please follow the below instructions.

1. Create an online Blue Card account.

Head to

If you already have a blue card portal login, login using your ID and date of birth.
If you don’t have a login – click “Register for an Online Account”.
You will need to fill in some personal details, and eventually you will be given a portal account number. Make note of this number as you will require it later.

2. Send the club your Account Details
Send your Account Number and your Date of birth to Using these details, we will be able to link your Blue Card account number to our organisation, which is required for you to continue with your Volunteer application.

Once your account has been linked, you’ll receive an email advising as such.

3. Complete your Blue Card Application or Renewal
Log back into your Blue Card Online portal ( with your ID and Date of birth.
Click on “Apply for a Blue Card or Exemption” or “Renew your Blue Card or Exemption – whichever is relevant to you.

Follow the prompts to advise Blue Cards you are working with Children as a Volunteer. Make sure you tick Volunteer on this page:

If you have performed Step 2 correctly – then you will be able to move through the stages and complete your blue card application.

If you did not send your blue card account number to us (or you have not linked your account to the Cats in the past), then you will be presented with this screen:

To do this – email or and advise them of your Blue Card Account number, and your Date of birth.
The club will then link your account to their organisation and once done, you’ll receive an email that you have been linked with Broadbeach Cats.
Once you’ve received that – go back into your Blue Card Portal and continue your application or renewal.

By this stage, you will then be able to complete the rest of the application process yourself, by following the prompts on the next few pages. These pages just confirm details are correct.
Finally you’ll be given a confirmation page with your Blue Card Application number.

Your blue card will be issued and sent to your mailing addres in the next few weeks.