Broadbeach Cats JAFC Club Terms and Conditions of Registration

  1. As part of becoming a member of Broadbeach JAFC, as a player, a parent or guardian, a volunteer, a coach or a team manager, I agree to abide by the codes of conduct set out by AFLQ, which can be found here: AFLQJ Rules and Regulations – AFL Queensland
  2. I agree to uphold the values and principals of the club, and agree to not undertake any action which brings the club, the league or the game under disrepute.
  3. I agree to understand and abide by the policies and procedures enforced by the club, including any policies listed on the Broadbeach Cats Juniors Policies and Procedures webpage.
  4. I agree with the club’s policy of all participants being treated equally amongst their peers.  I accept that if my child, during the course of their registration, is found to be treating another member poorly or causing another member discomfort, they may be subject to sanctions including club-imposed or league imposed suspensions, or cancellation of membership.  These sanctions, unless imposed by AFLQ, will be determined by the committee.
  5. I understand that my child participating in a junior sport, while it may be competitive, is a participation based sport, and all participants in the game are entitled to an even amount of time on and off the field.  I understand this is all part of a team sport, and coaches are making their best effort to ensure even amount of time on the field throughout the season.
  6. I understand that by registering my child To Broadbeach JAFC, I will be required to be involved in game day activities and tasks from time to time, and I acknowledge that I am willing to do my part to help the club on game days by fulfilling these tasks.  Such tasks include Goal umpiring, helping to run the scoreboard/timer, cooking the BBQ, helping in the canteen, carrying water, or any other jobs rostered to me.
  7. I accept that having my child registered to Broadbeach JAFC means they are registered to an age group, and will participate in the team they are selected in.  This selection is made by the team officials, and can only be questioned through the committee via the Complaints form.
  8. I accept that the coaches are tasked by the club to develop the players in their direct control, and I agree to give them freedom to do that job, at all times.
  9. I understand that our sport is predominantly an outdoor sport, and I agree to ensure my child, my family and anyone attending games with me follow the recommendations made in the club’s Sun Protection policy.
  10. I accept that while I may disagree with another member of the club about a matter which is relevant to training, selection, or match play, I will aim to be up-front and civil about this disagreement and discuss with the relevant parties.  If this disagreement cannot be resolved through discussion with the relevant party, I acknowledge the next course of action is to submit a complaint to the committee via the Complaints form.  From there, the committee will deal with the complaint.
    I agree that once my complaint has been sent to the committee, their decision or course of action is final and to be accepted.
  11. I understand that any breach of these terms and conditions may cause sanctions, including but not limited to removal from venues for a set period, cancellation of membership or sanctions as determined by the Management committee.