Stage 2 Training Schedule and Drop-off / Pick-up Plan

We are very pleased to announce that we have our Stage 2 training Schedule in place.This will be the schedule in place until the government’s Stage 3 restrictions start up.

Teams have been given the approval to start training this Monday 9th June.Your coaches and managers will be in touch about an actual start date.

As part of the COVID Safe restrictions, we are allowed to have 3 separate groups of 20 training on the field at the same time.Part of the allowance of that is to have planned drop-off and pick up locations – specifically different pick up locations for each of the 3 training groups.

You will notice on the schedule that that each team has been given a “zone” at training – this relates to the relevant training zone that we have setup on our fields.

Club Oval – Drop-off / Pick-up procedure

Forthose teams training at the oval, the below diagram demonstrates where our drop off, and pick up points are.

We are asking parents to please follow our procedures for arrival and departure at the club oval.

On arrival, drop your children off at the front gate at the Check in station.Or if your child is making their own way to training – ask them to head straight to the check in gate.A volunteer from team training that day will be on hand to mark their attendance.

Check in is mandatory – we are required as a club to keep accurate attendance records of training for up to 56 days.Please do not head straight to your training zone – come to the check in station first

Once their name is marked, they are ok to head to their training session

Parents are more than welcome to park their car on the hill on the other side of the ground. This will mean you can watch training!

Once training is finished, players can either return to their parents car on the hill, or head to their relevant pick-up area:

  • Blue Zone – behind the club through the white gate
  • White zone – behind the timekeepers box
  • Red Zone – to the right of the away coaches box

We have created the below videos to help direct you to how to get to your relevant pick up zones.The drop off and blue-zone pickup is straight forward, but please take note of the White and Red pick up zone traffic flow.We aim to have cones set out on the field to direct people

Drop Off

Pick up from Hill

Pick up from Street

At the school oval – drop off and pick up procedure

At the school oval we have established 3 individual drop-off and pick-up locations relevant to your zone

The same colours still apply – Blue, White or Red – refer to the training schedule for which zone your team’s training belongs to.

The Blue Zone will be drop-off and pick-up along Rio Vista Blvd (please be sure to park safely so as to not restrict traffic.

The White Zone will be at the main school entrance

The Red zone will have their entry and exit points in Volante St.

Parents will drop their children off at the relevant entry point, and then find a place to park.Unfortunately at the school, there is not a simple location to watch your child train.Please keep that in mind.
Remember traffic on Rio Vista Blvd (including buses) takes priority.

Players will move towards the relevant training zone and register their attendance with their Coach or manager, and have practice good hand hygiene by using hand sanitiser before starting to train.

Once training is finshed, coaches will escort their players back to the relevant pick-up locations for their parents to collect them.

Please remember – we are in the middle of winter during this time and it is dark at 5pm.Coaches will be there to ensure the safety of all the children in their team.But if you need to leave training, please try to be prompt and arrive back as close to 5pm as possible so your coach isn’t waiting around for long periods of time.

Do you have questions

This is a very exciting time, having all our players back on board and ready to go.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about the season being one step closer to starting up again.

Remember our Frequently asked Questions page is available for you to ask any questions – alternative post/comment on facebook, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.