Training set to resume!

Training Can Start!

This morning, the Queensland Government announced the date for Stage 2 restrictions will be brought forward to June 1 from 12pm. This means training for community sport can start as soon as clubs are ready!

Of course our field needs to be shared with the senior Men’s, senior Women’s, and old boys teams, and we are currently in discussion at the moment with the officials from the seniors on how best to structure training for each of our 36 Broadbeach Cats teams – what it looks like if we are only allowed 20 people on the field at one time, or if we have multiple groups of 20. We are also constructing a COVID Safety plan which will indicate where your team’s training will be, and where the entry and exit points for players and coaches will be on the ground, as to minimise the amount of cross over of players.

Please note that when training does start, especially from now until Stage 3 restrictions start – training will look very different:

  • No contact training allowed
  • All players expected to have their own bottle of hand sanitiser
  • All players to bring their own water bottle
  • No use of change rooms
  • Come dressed for training
  • Absolutely no sharing! If it can be shared – it shouldn’t be!

Primarily the key instruction of training is “Get In, Get Out”. Players, coaches and parents are expected to leave immediately after training – if a conversation with coaches or managers is required, please make sure that conversation takes place outside of the ground. Remember that parents watching training are included in the 20 person group.

This fact sheet has been put together by AFLQ on what is to be expected by players for training restarting.

More details about our training schedule, the drop-off and pick-up zones, and what can and can’t be done at training will be provided in the next update.

Season Update

AFLQ have scheduled a president’s meeting to be held Monday June 1 at 6pm. At this meeting we expect AFLQ to advise us on what the expectations are about the season restarting, what dates are possible and what the competition structure will look like, and what is needed from by clubs in terms of managing the COVID-19 safety protocols.

At the next update we hope to be able to provide an update on what the season will look like for each of our teams.

Uniform update

Playing shorts – please note we have not yet received our order of playing shorts, however we expect them to arrive at the same time as our polos, which should be well before the season is due to recommence.

Uniform shop opening hours – once our stock has arrived, our uniform shop manager Bianca will be in touch with details of when the uniform shop will be open.

Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the latest updates – search Broadbeach Cats Juniors on Facebook, or follow us on instagram @broadbeachcatsjuniors

We’re so excited that training is about to start back up, the club has been so empty and quiet over the past few months, and we can’t wait to get things started up again.