2020 Registration Fees

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Registration Fees Structure.

Registrations will be open from November 1: Register Now

Auskick – $80 – Starting Feb 21 and running for 7 weeks
Superstars: Born 01/07/2013 – 31/12/2015 – $50 – Starting May 1 running for 12 weeks

Under 8 Mixed – born 01/07/2011 – 30/06/2013 – $145
Under 9 – born 01/07/2010 – 30/06/2011 – $265
Under 10 – born 01/07/2009 – 30/06/2010 – $265
Under 11 – born 01/07/2008 – 30/06/2009 – $345
Under 12 – born 01/07/2007 – 30/06/2008 – $395
Under 14 – born 01/07/2005 – 30/06/2007 – $395
Under 16 – born 01/07/2003 – 30/06/2005 – $395

Under 11 Girls – born 01/07/2008 – 30/06/2010 – $220
Under 13 Girls – born 01/07/2006 – 30/06/2008 – $275
Under 15 Girls – born 01/07/2004 – 30/06/2006 – $325
Under 17 Girls – born 01/07/2002 – 30/06/2004 – $325

* – players born in 2013 are eligible for Superstars or Under 8s.

All registrations include AFLQ fees, GST, club fees, insurances and invite to club trophy presentation events.
Under 9 and above (boys and girls) receive a club polo with their registration.
Superstars through to Under 11 (boys and girls) receive a participation trophy with their registration.

Please note training times and season start times have not yet been determined.

Player Numbers

We may be required to place a cap on numbers in certain age groups, at any stage during the registration period. This will only occur if we forsee an unusual number of registrations in an age group which will result in many players missing games each week – something we as a club do not want to see. This is applicable to those in the U12 and above age groups. To ensure your child is not impacted by this, we ask you to consider registering them as early as possible. This will be communicated by the club prior to any cap being placed.

We understand those who may wish to use FairPlay (Get Started) vouchers issued in the round at the start of the year may be impacted by this, please advise us as early as possible if you wish to re-register with Broadbeach but wish to use a FairPlay voucher for your child.

Incoming Transfers

Incoming transfers for the 2020 season will undergo a change of process this year. Any player aged U11 and below will be able to transfer in to our club while the transfer window is open.

For all players aged U12 and above, and if they are transferring from other Gold Coast clubs, we will accept their request for transfer, however we will not guarantee a place and will not be processing those transfer requests until February 14. Our committee will make a decision after this date on whether a transfer is processed, taking into account factors such as numbers of registrations to date, number of players yet to register and the foreseeable number of excess players in that age group (if any).

We believe this will:
a) ensure that existing members get first access to registration spots, should we be required to limit registration numbers.
b) ensure that we are not diminishing the level of competition inside the league – while winning is great, we feel it is just as important to ensure our boys and girls play competitive football each week against other strong teams.

We are not rejecting all transfer requests, rather we are assessing whether we have capacity to accept these players closer to the season start date.

Transfer requests will be accepted online: http://www.broadbeachcatsjafc.com/transfers

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.