Thank you for your interest in joining the Cats in 2022!

2021 was a very successful year for the Cats – 2 premierships and 8 preliminary finalists out of the 12 competitions we participated in.  Alongside that, record numbers in all age groups – including the largest U8 and U9 age group we have ever seen..

We have an amazing youth football program, some of the best facilities on the Gold Coast and are a great family club with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

To place a request for your child to transfer from their existing club to Broadbeach in 2022, please complete the below form.

Please note in some cases, transfers may not actually be approved – this may be due to numbers being full in a particular age group, or due to a committee-level decision to block transfers of a particular nature.

The process for transferring into Broadbeach is:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Our coaches will assess the player’s fit for the age group, within a team sense and also based on numbers of the age group and refer to the Coaching sub-committee for further approval.
  3. The coaching sub-committee will discuss and recommend the transfer based on the requirements of the age group, and the impact on the club the player is departing from.
  4. Outcome of the review will be advised as soon as possible.
  5. Should the transfer be successful, a submission will be raised online and your previous club will be notified.  A series of approvals will then take place, once after which you’ll be notified that you can complete the registration process.
  6. Should your transfer request be denied, a member of our Football committee will advise you as soon as possible.

Read our Transfer Policy for more details.

All transfers in for the 2022 season can only be submitted to the league on or after February 1, and our approval process will look to begin on February 14.  

Once your transfer is approved, your age group coordinator will be in touch with details of training, uniforms, game day process and similar.

For more information, contact us.